Meet Amy

I love traveling, and I love planning traveling.  I probably will never be able to afford to retire, but that’s OK with me!  Sure exotic locales are always great, but if I’ve never been there, I want to go.  I’ve been lucky to travel internationally since I was 18 but also know there are some amazing places in the United States to see as well.  My favorite trips have always included renting a car and driving around, picking streets to go down “just to see what’s down there.”   I also always bring my camera and my house is decorated in framed photographs from my trips. Why buy artwork when there are so many beautiful pictures in my shutterfly account?!

This year is a big travel year for me so I am excited to be able to share my trips and pics with you.  So be on the lookout for posts on San Antonio, Texas,  Los Angeles, California,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Ghent, Belgium, Paris, France, London, England, Sydney Australia (can’t wait to see in person everything Shelia has posted!) and New Zealand!

Thanks for reading and I hope a trip is in your future!