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Quixotic Reverie is a combination of being foolishly & constantly lost in a daydream of traveling.

We are #InspiringWanderlust. Join us in traveling, exploring and journeys around in the world. We hope that  you are inspired to be lost in your own wanderlust.

Meet Quixotic Reverie

Travel junkie, dreamer, music lover. Amy claims to be just a girl, making her way the best she knows how. She currently lives in Charlotte (USA) and is constantly planning her next adventure. She is a triathlete, marathon runner, and trek rider and watches way too much TV.  Struggles with over-planning a trip vs spontaneously getting lost in a new country.  When she’s not researching her next adventure, she can be found giving belly rubs to her dog, Vedder or talking with her parrot Pacey.   Favorite travel quotes:
“I haven’t been everywhere…but it’s on my list.”  Susan Sontag
“Travel far enough you meet yourself.” David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas


Writer, star gazer, day dream believer. She sold everything she owned, packed two bags, and bought a one way ticket to Australia. She currently lives in Sydney (AUS) and is chasing her “down under”  dream. She believes in the power of the Universe, misses traditional American coffee, drinks flat whites, prefers whiskey as a shot, sitting at bar talking to locals, and exploring wherever she is on her own two feet.