Jangling Jacks

Jangling Jacks: Martini Masterclass

Jangling Jacks is located on Victoria Street in Kings Cross/Potts Point. The suburb location will vary on who you ask. The suburb doesn’t matter one bit, but what does matter is Jangling Jacks, a small bar tucked in-between a row of shops.

Jangling Jacks
Jangling Jacks: Martini Masterclass

Blink. You’ll miss it.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I attended their Martini Masterclass. While I may be a master of drinking, I am not a master of cocktail making, especially martinis.

To me, martinis come in several styles: dirty martini, shaken not stirred James Bond martini, gin martini, vodka martini, and overly sweet Sex in the City type martinis like a cosmo, appletini, etc.

Speaking with Erin, owner of Jangling Jacks, prior to the Martini Masterclass, I learned that Americans screwed up the martinis by switching the gin to vodka. My dirty vodka martini loving self was surprised to learn that but I sat with an open mind about gin and a palette ready to give gin martinis a try.

Our teacher for the day would be Rachael, aka the Scottish Wonder, and what I adore about her is that she always has a moment to discuss the drink you are about to consume. Whether you want to know more about the alcohol that goes in it, how it is fermented, or if it will go with a lemon or orange, she will never lead you astray. She and her fellow bartenders at Jangling Jacks know their cocktails and alcohol.

The gin we used in the class was Sipsmith and as Rachael would educate us, a dry gin with a citrus flavor. The vermouth we used was Regal Rogue and I would learn that vermouth is actually made of grapes and you can drink it on its own if you so choose. From this bit of knowledge and taste, I would learn all the years I blamed vermouth for making my drinks atrocious was in fact a lie. The reason I did not like or appreciate gin martinis was because they were dry vermouth-less martinis.

Rachael would share with us her wisdom on the proper ratio of gin to vermouth (or lack thereof for dry martini lovers), why it’s better to stir vs shake, why she loved an upside down martini (more vermouth than gin), the proper way to drink a martini (the proper way is to drink it in 3 sips), and so much more.

The class would get to try a wet martini vs a dry martini, Martinez martini (sweet) vs a dirty martini (salty) and a Vesper martini (James Bond) before we took turns as pairs behind the bar to make our own martinis.

The experience of learning something new is always fun for me and learning something from people who are passionate about their craft like the staff at Jangling Jacks is, made this masterclass an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

You cannot go wrong surrounding yourself with people who are brilliant at what they do. Jangling Jacks and everyone that works their is just that: brilliant at what they do.

A masterclass at Jangling Jacks is a fantastic alternative to a girls or guys night out clubbing or perhaps it’s the perfect start to a night out. It is something different to do and an excellent team building skill for those that might want to bond with their team over something different than trust falls and rope courses.

If you are interested in the next Martini Masterclass or want to do something different for your group of friends, family or team, email Erin or shoot Jangling Jacks a message on Facebook.

And if you need to know, Erin and Rachael were right, wet is best…and I can’t wait for the next masterclass.

Jangling Jacks
175 Victoria Street
Potts Point, NSW
Tuesday-Wednesday & Sunday: 4pm-11pm
Thursday- Saturday: 4pm-1am